"Seth Speaks On"

Through Jean Loomis


Hello, lovely ones. It has been a long time since we have had an opportunity to communicate with you in print. And this is our first time on the World Wide Web, although we expect there will be many more.

First, let us say how glad we are of this opportunity to once again have widespread communication with your planet.

For many years our channel was unwilling to allow anything other than one-to-one communication with a few of you. She feared the charge of energy from our communicating through her had caused her to develop rheumatoid arthritis, the same condition which led to the death of the Seth channel, Jane Roberts.

But through these 12 years of our relative silence (Some of you, we know, have learned to access us on your own.), the channel has learned to heal herself both through her thoughts and through the various holistic and traditional means available. And now she knows that channeling us won’t kill her.
It will revitalize her. Some of you are great followers of Seth through Jane Roberts and believe she was the only one who could ever channel Seth. Partially true, she was the only one who could channel the part of the Seth consciousness which came through her—the part that was united with her higher self and other levels of consciousness.
Most naturally our communications are colored by the consciousness of the channel, the more unlimited the consciousness, the more unlimited our communications. It is like water, Contain it in a blue bottle, and it looks like blue water, in a green bottle, green water and so on.

But universal consciousness itself (from which we speak) is most assuredly available to all although all may have not yet learned to access it. We hope in these communications to connect each of you to your own personal source of universal consciousness (Divine Wisdom, your higher self, or whatever you term it.)

We are a combination of energies who call ourselves Seth, the third son of Adam Biblical forefather of Jesus. The third son of Adam charged with bringing back to Earth the knowledge of and ability to live in Heaven or Paradise on Earth.

Now, more than ever, there is need for more and more of you to commit yourselves to the goal of reentering Heaven on Earth and learning to stay there and to live there in the midst of the great materialism, greed, and conflict that swirls all around you. And, indeed, learning to do so, brings you inescapably toward that state of liberation that so many of you aspire to.
Why is there this need? Isn’t it obvious? Your planet is groaning under the burden of pollution, warring energies, greed, and unconscious building and development which has been ravishing her. Oh, she’ll survive, no doubt of that. But going on as it is now, in as little as fifty years, you may experience great planetary upset and devastation to large segments of the population.

And, if that comes (There is still a small chance that you mortals can greatly minimize the devastation), there will be few opportunities for coming back into a physical body for quite some time. Certainly for many centuries.

Thus we urge you to make achieving liberation a goal since one liberated soul can do the work of millions in terms of changing the course of human history.

More than that, working toward achieving Liberation is working toward Being Happy all of the time (or nearly all of the time.) It’s very simply finally getting the Truth that Thought is indeed creative and that the Universe unequivocally says “Yes” to whatever you think or say repeatedly to yourself.

It is learning how to be the observer of your thoughts and of how to change them when they go self critical, cynical, blaming, or fearful. Moving toward Liberation is learning how to stay each moment in the Now, not going over the past nor anticipating the future.
It is simply learning to keep the thoughts fully focused on whatever you are doing in the moment and on what you can love, praise, or be grateful for in the moment.

Sounds simple, and it is once you learn to surrender into the present and stop wishing you were somewhere else or somehow different or with someone other than whoever you are with.

More to come
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